Alarms Triggered as Power Restored

As power is coming back on across the Peninsula, Central Emergency Services crews have been responding to a number of false alarms. Captain Leslie Quelland said fire alarms can be triggered when there’s an interruption in power, and residents can help by…


Capt. Quelland: “If they would give a phone call back to their alarm company, whatever alarm company services their home or their business, that would be beneficial.”


Quelland said they’ll always respond to every emergency call, but they can adjust their response when they know the homeowner has reported a false alarm…


Capt. Quelland: “It helps us scale down our response to that location if we know that it’s not an emergency. A lot of times these alarms go through an alarm company and the alarm company’s not on site, so they can cancel us but we will continue in just for information to verify that information is correct, but if they would like to give us a call let us know that there’s not an emergency at that location, that is helpful.”


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