AK Senate Delegation United on Federal Budget Vote

Members of Alaska’s senate delegation were united this weekend, when it came to the proposed Democratic Senate budget, which would still leave the country with a $400-$600 billion deficit in ten years and fall short of addressing the nation’s current $16 trillion debt.


U.S. Senator Mark Begich said that while he ishappy that Congress is finally talking seriously about our fiscal crisis, this budget didn’t go far enough, saying that Alaskans expect congress to finish the job and make this staggering deficit manageable. Passing this problem off to our children is not an option.


Senator Lisa Murkowski, told us that this week in the Senate, what was debated were two competing visions for our nation’s fiscal future.  Not exact spreadsheet budgets with dollars and cents details, but blueprints to help map out the road ahead.

The state’s senior senator said that on one hand, you had Senator Patty Murray’s approach which did not address our deficit in any serious way and added $1.5 trillion dollars in taxes –spending cuts seemed to be almost an afterthought.


Murkowski believes and have said that no responsible plan for our nation’s balance sheet can ignore our mandatory spending increases through Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that continue to rise to the point where they are choking our economy.

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