AK Redistricting Board Still Waiting to Hear from State High Court

The Alaska Redistricting Board is waiting to hear the State Supreme Court’s direction in the ongoing saga of redrawing legislative boundaries.

As we’ve reported, in December,  a divided Alaska Supreme Court ordered the redistricting plan used for this year’s elections be redrawn after finding the board did not follow the process it was instructed to follow.

The board has asked the court to reconsider.

Redistricting Board Chairman John Torgerson of Kenai says the board met yesterday and discussed possible options for how to proceed, including potentially beginning work on a new map as early as April, however, nothing on that count was decided.

Torgerson said that there also was discussion about whether to appeal the court’s decision to the U.S. Supreme Court but no decision was made during yesterday’s meeting on that proposal ether.

He did, however, say that the board did agree to start the process of finding a new executive director.

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