AK Congressional Delegation Comment on State of the Union Address

Alaska’s Congressional Delegation have shared their thoughts on President Obama’s State of the Union address from last night.

Senator Lisa Murkowski, shared her over all disappointment in last night’s speech..


Sen. Murkowski(R-AK): “I was somewhat disappointed.  I have stated that the number one issue for us, as a Congress, and as a country right now, is to get our fiscal affairs in order.  In order for us to be strong economically, in order to be working towards real job creation, we have got to address our debt and fiscal issues. And unfortunately, I did not hear the President speak clearly to those issues.”


Sen. Mark Begich(D-AK), Alaska’s lone congressional democrat said that he was pleased to hear the President touch on key Alaska priorities such as investing in our energy future, saying when it comes to energy, all Alaskans know that not only does America have the potential to control our own energy future, but Alaska’s vast energy resources are a key component to getting there.  Begich was specifically pleased to hear the President recognize the value of revenues generated from oil and gas production, but before we start creating new ways to use those funds, we need to make sure that the communities directly impacted from production are taken care of first.  That is why I just reintroduced my Alaska-focused revenue sharing bill to ensure that Alaska gets its fair share, just like the Gulf Coast states.  The President said himself that he would “keep cutting red tape and speeding up new oil and gas permits” Begich said that he will hold the president to that and looks forward to continued progress working with the Administration and developing Alaska’s vast energy resources.


Representative Don Young(R-AK), following last night’s address said, “President Obama said he received the message from the American people that jobs and the economy remain their top priority. But the common theme in his address was that government is the solution to all of our country’s problems.  From energy to guns, health care to job creation, the President continues to believe that where there is a new federal program, there is a solution.  But after four years of trying the same, what do we really have to show for it? Our economy remains fragile, millions remain unemployed, and 34,000 of our bravest Americans are now coming home to an economy that can’t even create enough jobs for all of our college graduates.

Young said that he does agree with the President that we can’t cut our way to prosperity, but according to Young, we also can’t regulate our way to prosperity.  Young said earlier this week, the President can create jobs tomorrow by cutting the bureaucratic red tape that has stifled America’s small businesses.

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