Airport to Plant Mid-Size Trees, Shield Lights From Family

The Kenai Airport is set to plant new trees after the area was recently cleared in compliance with FAA visibility regulations. Les and Susan Bradley recently approached the Kenai City Council with concerns that their property was unsaleable and almost inhabitable…


Bradley: “All day long we can look at the runway and watch the planes come and go, which is fine, but there’s an awful lot of noise, an awful lot of pollution, an awful lot of wind, and at night we do get the effects of strobe lights, because when the lights come on due to weather, they flash right into our house.”


City Manager Rick Koch had an update this week…


Koch: “We are looking at shielding some of the special airport navigation lights, we’ve been working with the FAA and found out that we are able to do that, so I think there will be a big change on some of the strobes that seem to be a big¬†concern. There’s lighting that we have over the top of the small aircraft tie-down area, we’ve redirected those lights and we’re going to go to a shielded LED lighting system there so the properties should be completely shielded from those lights and we’re going to be putting in some vegetative cover immediately inside the airport fence so that should provide some measure of immediate relief and as time goes on, provide greater visual barrier for them.”


Koch said the trick is to plant trees which will provide a barrier, but not grow so tall that they interfere with flight visibility.

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