Airport Clearing Turns Residence into Makeshift ‘Disco Hall’

Due to FAA regulations, the Kenai Airport has recently cleared a number of trees.


While the clearing solves visibility issues for pilots, there’s no longer a buffer for local residents. Les and Susan Bradley on Float Plan Rd are one of the homes closest to the airport, and Susan says she’s concerned their home of 15 years now isn’t worth anywhere near as much as they paid for it…


Bradley: “All day long we can look at the runway and watch the planes come and go, which is fine, but there’s an awful lot of noise, an awful lot of pollution, an awful lot of wind, and at night we do get the effects of strobe lights, because when the lights come on due to weather, they flash right into our house.”


During a presentation to the Kenai City Council last night, Les joked that he’s considered turning their home into a disco hall. But the serious nature of the Bradley’s situation was felt by City Council members. Mayor Pat Porter…


Mayor Porter: “My major response was, if they really have a strobe light that’s flashing into their windows like that, it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, we really need to try and help solve this problem.’ And that was my question to them: had they spoken to the administration? And they had not. So, we sort of suggested that our administrators get together and talk to the Bradleys and see how we might could maybe solve the problem or find some type of solution that might work for them.”


We asked Mr. Bradley what that solution might be…


Bradley: “Have to think about that. We can’t replace the trees so… maybe work with the airport planning commission and get some kind of a barrier.”

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