AIMM Discusses Next Step for Monofill

We reported yesterday afternoon, that the State Department of Environmental Conservation has approved a permit for AIMM Technology’s drilling waste monofill in Nikiski. We spoke to Brooks Bradford Jr., President of AIMM Technologies about the next step in the process…


Bradford Jr.: “Well, we’ve got in touch with some local contractors, and that work should start here soon. Right now is the busiest time of the year for us, so we have everybody out on the road working, so once that slows down we’ll kind of pick up the pace on the monofill. We’re happy to get the permit, but we have business to do, customers to take care of, and that’s our number one priority right now.” 


Bradford did tell us that AIMM is planning to keep transparent with the Nikiski community throughout the process


Bradford Jr.: “There’s defiantly some conditions in the permit that we have to go by, and that will keep the public informed. As things, progress we will let people know. We’re trying to be as open as we can about it, that’s why we had that meeting last year. Step by step we’ll let people know whats going on.”


Bradford told us that there is no firm date that the monofill will be operational, noting that the local drilling companies will also play a role in determining that time frame.

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