Agrium Still Considering N. Kenai Facility

Posted: December 3, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Agrium is still considering whether or not to reopen its North Kenai facility. Adam Diamond with Agrium said there’s been no significant change…


Diamond: “There still has not been any decision yet. We’re still looking at what it would take to start the plant up, whether we can get gas contracts. As we work through that process, it’s sort of a phased approach. So as we work through that process, we continue to get a little bit finer and more detailed review of restart requirements.”


We asked Diamond if Agrium will be fueling the local job market any time soon…


Diamond: “To my knowledge, that is not happening. Right now, I think we are looking at some more detailed engineering, so my understanding is there is no recruitment at this point in time.”

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