Aggressive Erosion Prompts Highway Work

Due to aggressive erosion on the north bank of the Kenai River near mile 57 of the Sterling Highway, road crews will begin work on Tuesday, July 29.


Jill Reese with Alaska Department of Transportation.


Reese: “This is an erosion protection emergency repair job, the river keeps changing it’s alignment as so many of our braided rivers do here in Alaska, so along the Sterling Highway near that historical milepost 57 we’re doing the job to prevent highway embankment damage due to that recent shifting of the Kenai River.”


That work will be done mostly at night and drivers in that area should be alert to nightly single lane traffic and flagging operations between 9:00 pm and 9:00 am Sunday through Thursday.


That work will also require a portion of the river to be sectioned off at river Milepost 71 with buoys.

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