Adventure Academy Lands a Building, Opening Fall

The location can’t yet be released, but Greatland Adventure Academy has found a building. The charter school is still in the process of signing the lease, but Pegge Erkeneff with the local school district said they’re on track to launch the school this fall.


Erkeneff: “Greatland Adventure Academy, our new charter school, so we’ll be back to 44 schools starting on July 1st, is currently accepting applications for 7th and 8th graders. It’s a new charter school in Soldotna and the location has a verbal agreement with the lease, but it’s not been signed, so we’ll announce that probably within the next week, but it is located in Soldotna. Parents that are interested can come in and fill out an application at the District offices, School District offices in the Borough building on Binkley St.”


The charter school will offer a more hands-on approach to education, including more outdoor activities than other local schools. To learn more about Greatland Adventure Academy, read: School Board Set to Vote on Greatland Adventure Academy Charter School

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