ADF&G Moose Plan Included Wolf Mitigation

As we reported, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced a multifaceted plan to increase moose populations across the Kenai Peninsula. During a conversation, the Regional Supervisor for the department, Larry Van Daele, said that the plan will include increased predator mitigation efforts…


Van Daele: “Urging people to take more wolves this winter, especially in the north part of the Kenai. And if that’s not sufficient then we’ll hire a trapper. Fish and Game will hire a trapper  to go out to areas where personal trappers aren’t taking those wolves. It may be possible that we use some aerial wolf control in the area but it would be very limited, both in scope and in time. And last but not least, we’re trying to do everything we can with DOT to reduce road kills. Because that’s dangerous to both moose and people.”


Van Daele said that the moose efforts are planned to begin around November.

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