ADF&G Hoping for “Classic Kenai Pulse”

Following yesterday’s announcement king closures as of Saturday, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is still hopeful for a good red run.


Area Sportfishing Management Biologist Robert Begich started with what they’ve seen so far.


Begich: “Here on the Kenai River, very spotty for sockeye, slow, steady, slow, like 30,000 fish a day, some people walk right into the river and get them and then other people go there and it takes a long time for people to get your three fish and that’s what we’re looking at through the weekend.” 


He said that doesn’t mean it couldn’t turn out well.


Begich: “We’re hoping it still hits, we’ll know more every day at the run goes on and we’re hopeful that we still get one of those classic Kenai pulses of fish that will light everything up.”


For more information and links to yesterday’s emergency orders for king salmon, click here.







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