ADF&G Announces Cook Inlet Octopus Closure

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will close the retention of octopus in the Cook Inlet area as of Wednesday, April 23 at noon.


Shellfish Management Biologist Jan Rumble of Homer told us the reason for the closure.


Rumble: “The Alaska Deparmtnte of Fish and Game has an octopus management plan that includes an annual guideline harvest level of 35,000 pounds and we project that we will achieve that by Wednesday.” 


Rumble also said there is no directed fishery for octopus however it can be retained and sold as bycatch from the Pacific Cod pot fishery.


The Prince William Sound management area also has the same octopus management plan but it is still open.


The Cook Inlet area octopus bycatch fishery will reopen to retention January 1, 2015.

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