Additional Troopers To Boost Enforcement, Community Outreach

Posted: March 11, 2013 at 4:06 pm

While the State Legislature continues to refine the budget, local troopers are watching how the Governor’s pledge of 20 new troopers will pan out. So far, the House Finance Committee has already reduced that figure to 15.


Captain Andy Greenstreet, with the Soldotna Trooper Post, said it’s not clear how many troopers will be added, but described how he’d like to use the extra help…


Cpt. Greenstreet: “I’d be interested in enhancing our enforcement efforts, especially into the evening hours, as well as explore the possibility of some other programs to include maybe school resource officers, community police officers that could kind of stay in a community or be that community’s Trooper. Also, interested in starting a student Trooper Explorer program, where we can kind of be a mentor to younger people in High School and offer that service. Expose them to what a career in law enforcement is really like.”

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2 Comments to “Additional Troopers To Boost Enforcement, Community Outreach”

  • Stanley says:

    Why don’t the Troopers just enforce the laws for a change. Look at all the vehicles w/o their headlights on. Look at News Years Eve and4th of July………..absolutelyNO ENORCEMENT on the fireworks ban!!!

  • Mike says:

    Not to mention all the illegal vehicles out there, expired plates, no mud flaps, no fender flares, jacked way the heck up, tinted windows etc. etc. It wasn’t like this ten years ago