Accidents Abound on Peninsula Roads

State Troopers have been attending a large number of accidents on the peninsula over the past two weeks.


On Wednesday, 68-year-old Larry Herndon of Homer was driving an ’08 Chevy Silverado when he was hit by a 1999 Chevy truck driven by 67-year-old Kenneth Rowell of Nikolaevsk. Herndon was attempting to turn right off North Fork Road at the time. Total damage to both vehicles was over $10,000. Rowell was cited for failing to exercise due care to avoid a collission.


On July 15th a 40-year-old Anchorage man was traveling along the Sterling Highway when he crossed the centerline at mile 63 and sideswiped a motorhome heading south. Anton Antonovich was issued a citation for a moving violation. There were no injuries.


On July 18th, two vehicles collided at mile 90 of the Seward Highway. According to Troopers, 29-year-old Gloria Cho’ of Soldotna failed to yield right of way when turning left onto the Seward Highway from the Girdwood Tesoro parking lot. No injuries were sustained. Cho was issued a citation for a moving violation.


On July 20th, a 70-year-old California man fell asleep at the wheel around mile 118.5 of the Sterling Highway. Roger Vallon was driving a red 2014 Chevrolet which left the roadway and crashed into a ditch.  He and his passenger reported wearing seatbelts and were uninjured.  The vehicle sustained substantial damage and was towed.  Vallon was issued a minor offense citation for negligent driving.



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  1. O.J. 25 July, 2014, 14:34

    Since when was the Girdwood Tesoro considered part of the peninsula?? The driver was from here, but the accident didn’t occur here.

  2. SPWright 25 July, 2014, 14:56

    Fri 7/25/14 What changes the Bad Behavior of ANY Alaskan Driver immediately ?
    The sight of a ALASKA STATE TROOPER Vehicle. The number of Troopers assigned to Detachment E Soldotna Post needs to be Increased from ONLY 18 St. Troopers to Double that amount to 36 Ak State Troopers assigned to the Soldotna Post.
    More STATE TROOPERS SAVES ALASKAN LIVES & What is more important than That ?
    SPW in Sloooooooooowdotna

  3. Mary 26 July, 2014, 13:36

    I totally agree, more troopers. We don ‘t need better roads, we need more troopers especially during the need and greed for reds.

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