Absentee Voting Available In-Person, Online, and By Mail

Absentee voting for the Kenai Peninsula municipal elections opened yesterday. Kenai City Clerk said she’s seen a trickle of people passing through, and said absentee voting is also available by mail, email, and fax…


Modigh: “We currently have absentee voting, it started yesterday, Monday the 26th and will continue through October 1st. Any individual that’s not going to be in town or will not be able to go to their polling location on election day can come and absentee vote in person. We also have absentee voting by mail and by electronic transmission, so you can obtain an application on our website or here at the city Clerk’s office, and complete it and have it returned by September 24th to receive a ballot by mail. There’s also a deadline for absentee voting via electronic transmission, which the deadline is September 30th.”


Electronic submissions can be made via email or fax. The deadline is September 30.


For mail-in absentee voting, the deadline is September 24.


For the full details, visit the City of Kenai website.

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