Absentee and Question Ballots Counted in Kenai Today

The two candidates in the Kenai Mayoral race were separated by just 32 votes in last week’s unofficial results. Kenai City Clerk Sandra Modigh said the canvassing board will have more official results today…


Modigh: “Today they’re reviewing all of our absentee in-person, absentee by mail, and electronic transmissions. They’re also reviewing our question ballots and personal representative ballots for each precinct: Kenai 1, 2, and 3. So they’ve got quite a job to complete today.”


Modigh said the official results would be announced and certified at the City Council meeting next Wednesday…


Modigh: “Also at the October 16th meeting, once the election is certified, the elected Council Members and elected Mayor will take their oath of office and be sworn in at that meeting, and we’ll also elect a Vice Mayor at the October 16th meeting.”


For today’s unofficial results of the absentee, question, and special ballots, check back at radiokena.com around 3pm.

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