AARP Alaska Reacts To Parnell’s “No Medicaid Expansion”

Posted: November 15, 2013 at 6:01 pm

AARP Alaska spoke out against today’s decision by Alaska Governor Sean Parnell not to expand Medicaid in Alaska.


AARP Alaska State Director Ken Osterkamp said the decision by the Governor adversely affects 41,000 uninsured adults who would have otherwise been newly eligible for Medicaid under expansion.


“We are disappointed that the Governor chose to ignore the pro-expansion arguments of organizations as diverse as the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce, the Alaska Federation of Natives and AARP, Alaska’s largest membership organization representing over 90,000 Alaskans,” said Osterkamp.


“Equally as disappointing is the fact Governor Parnell chose secrecy over transparency as he made his decision,” concluded Osterkamp. “In doing so he is giving away the federal tax dollars already paid by Alaskans to the dozens of other states that have chosen, and continue to choose, to expand Medicaid to help those most in need.”

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One Comment to “AARP Alaska Reacts To Parnell’s “No Medicaid Expansion””

  • VoiceofReason says:

    If the federal government wants to provide increased medical coverage let them add it to obamacare through lawfully passed legislation. Increased Medicaid benefits intitially paid for by the federal gov’t is just a ploy to have States ultimately shoulder the financial burden. Thank you Governor Parnell. You know you must be correct when Begich and the AARP are carping about it.