A Reminder To Drive Safe In Winter Conditions

With the recent winter weather conditions, there have been several road closures around the Kenai Peninsula due to vehicle accidents, as of noon yesterday Anchorage had 58 vehicles in distress, 14 accidents without injury, and 2 accidents with injuries.


With spoke to Brad Nelson with CES who said, slow it down.


Nelson: “We do have slick roads out there, we did have snowfall after a rainstorm which has frozen to the ground so we do have slippery road conditions all the way up to Anchorage if you’re travelling that way. Please remember to have your speed slowed down, drive defensively, realize people are going to be pulling out in this area, watch out for the other driver, we have had accidents from Copper Landing all the way out to Ninilchik this past weekend now that the weather has started so please please slow down.”




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