A Reminder That Borough Schools Let Out Early Tomorrow

Students attending schools within the borough will be released 90 minutes earlier than the typical school day tomorrow.


We spoke to Pegge Erkeneff with KPBSD for more details.



Erkeneff: “Wednesday, September 18th is the first of six early release days for the KPBSD that is for all our of schools. Students  will be out of school an hour and a half early, buses will run an hour and a half early ahead of schedule, the Boys and Girls Club’s are confirmed for students that stay after school in their Boys and Girls club’s and additional sports and activities are NOT starting an hour and a half early but coaches should have communicated that and arrangements be made at the different schools for students that don’t drive”.


Erkeneff said the next early release date will be next month.



Erkeneff: “The next early release day after September 18th will be on Wednesday October 30th and all of those days will be a 90 minute early release and the dates our posted on our district website on the homepage”. 



On these early release dates, school will end ninety minutes (1.5 hours) earlier and bus transportation will be adjusted by ninety minutes.

The early release dates for this school year are as follows.

September 18th, October 30th, November 20th, January 22nd, February 26th and April 16th.

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