150 Peninsula Students Eligible for Alaska Performance Scholarship

Nearly a quarter of High School students graduating across the Peninsula are eligible for the Governor’s Alaska Performance Scholarship. Eric Fry oversees the scholarship program…


Fry: “Of the 663 kids who graduated from the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, 151 were eligible for an Alaska Performance Scholarship, which is 23% of them. Of those 151 eligible students, 42 students so far have chosen to use them. And the total amount used, or awarded so far to those 42 students is $140,792.”


Those are the local figures; statewide…


Fry: “From the first two High School graduating classes to use this scholarship, nearly 1,900 students have been able to enjoy $8.7 million in Alaska Performance scholarships.”


To learn more about the program and how to apply, visit the Alaska Performance Scholarship website.

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