A Look at the Issues For The August Primary

Seven questions will be on the Statewide August Primary ballot…


There will be one ballot measure common for all Alaskan voters, asking voters if the Governor’s new oil taxes should be repealed.


Republicans and Democrats will then decide separately on six different races: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Alaskan Governor, Alaskan Lt. Gov, State Senate, and State House.


On the Republican side…


There are four candidates for U.S. Senate: Joe Miller, Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell, and the relatively silent John Jaramillo.


Republicans will also decide whether Don Young will return for his 22nd term, or if another Republican will take that nomination. He’s running against John Cox, David Dohner, and David Seaward.


There are four Republican candidates for Governor: incumbent Sean Parnell, Russ Millette, Gerald Heikes, and Brad Snowden.


The last statewide Republican choice will be for Lt. Governor, either Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan or K-Beach Assemblyman Kelly Wolf.


For Nikiski Republicans, the State races for House and Senate have no challengers. The same is true for Republicans in Kenai/Soldotna and in the K-Beach/Homer districts.


For Democrats…


Either William Bryk  or incumbent Mark Begich will take the U.S. Senate nomination.


For U.S. House, Forrest Dubar and Frank Vondersaar will square off.


In the gubernatorial race, Democrats have two choices: Byron Mallott or Phil Stoddard.


There are also two candidates for the Democratic Lt. Governor’s nomination: Robert Williams or Hollis French.


In Kenai/Soldotna there is only one name for State House: Shauna Thornton. In Nikiski, Rocky Knudsen is running for State House. For K-Beach/Homer, Robert Henrichs will run for State Senate.


Libertarians and Independents…


Mark Fish, Scott Kohlhaas, and Thom Walker will compete for the U.S. Senate seat as Libertarians. Zachary Kile and Vic Kohring are running as members of the Alaskan Independence Party.


In the U.S. House, Jim McDermott is again running as a Libertarian.


For Governor, Carolyn Clift is representing Libertarians.


In the race for Lt. Governor, Libertarian Andrew Lee is running.


Click on the name of your district to view the draft ballot prepared by the State Division of Elections.

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