9am Update to Commercial Fishing Hotline

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game commercial fisheries hotline was updated at 9am today.


Management Biologist Pat Shields…


Shields: “Good Morning, this is the Upper Cook Inlet Commercial Fishing Information Line. This message was recorded on Tuesday, July 8th, at 9am. Here are the July 7th sockeye salmon escapement data and offshore test fish data. In the Kasilof River, the daily passage estimate was 11,300 for a season total of 195,000. This morning’s midnight-7am count was 2,700. 

In the Kenai River, the daily passage was 29,000 for a season total of 110,000. This morning’s 7am passage was 5,300.

The Anchor Point offshore test fish boat had a daily index of 217 on July 7. The north test boat had a daily index of 49 on July 7.

We currently are in a watch and wait mode for fishing with set gill nets in the Upper Subdistrict. As I stated yesterday, we are weighing our options for how best to use the 27 hours that we have remaining for this management week. The most likely scenario will be to fish a flood tide on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, or to fish most of two tides per day on Thursday and Saturday. Or Wednesday and Saturday. Or Wednesday and Thursday. You get the mode that we are in here. 

That said, we are watching the east side beaches closely, meaning fishing can occur on short notice in order to stop a large pulse of fish from entering either the Kenai or Kasilof  Rivers. 

Drifters, by regulation, both of your fishing periods between July 9 and July 15 are in drift area 1 and the Expanded Kenai and Expanded Kasilof sections. There is an option for a third fishing period between July 9 and July 15, but use of this additional fishing period would be predicated on sockeye salmon abundance the need to slow escapement to the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers.”

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