9:30 AM Commercial Fishing Update

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Commercial Fish Recording was updated at 9:30 this morning.


Commercial Area Management Biologist Pat Shields reminds listeners of previous announcements.


Shields: “Two emergency orders were issued yesterday, number 36 closed setgillnetting in the Kenai, Kasilof, and East Forelands’s sections of the Upper Subdistrict until further notice, this action is being taken because the Kenai River king salmon minimum escapement goal of 15,000 fish is not projected to be met at this time. Because the setgillnet fishery is closed, the drift gillnet fishery of the Central District is also closed within one mile of the Kenai Peninsula shoreline and within one and one ahlf miles of the Kenai Peninsula shore line south of the Kenai River until further notice. 

The second EO issued yesterday, number 37 opens drift gillnetting in the expanded Kenai, the expanded Kasilof and Anchor Point sections from 7 am to 7 pm for three consecutive days, those being Friday July 25, Saturday July 26, and Sunday July 27.”


He also detailed sockeye numbers from yesterday.


Shields: “In the Kasilof River the estimate was 9,700 for a season total of 376,000, from midnight to 7 am this morning the estimate was 1,200. In the Kenai River the daily estimate for yesterday was 38,000 for a season total of 614,0000, from midnight to 7 am the count was 4,300. 

The Anchor Point test boat had a daily index yesterday of 113 while the north boat had a daily index yeasterday of 120. 

Finally the sockeye salmon escapement through the fish creek weir has reached 27,000 through July 24.”


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