Local Teacher Expanding Experience in Local Career Fields

A local teacher is taking advantage of the University of Alaska internship program for career and technical education teachers to learn more about specific fields in their areas.


Meggean Bos is working at a seafood processing plant this summer and spoke with us about why she is involved with the internship.


Bos: “To learn more about the different careers and different opportunities let it be for seasonal jobs or if students want to turn this into a career it’s just another industry here in the state of Alaska to learn more about and educate myself so I can educate my students.”


She said she had never worked in a processing plant before and the thng that surprised her the most was the hours.


Bos: “Right now based off of the times that I go in, school hours are very different from the hours I work now, they’ve kind of flip-flopped, normally I go in in the afternoon and it’s overnight and so usually around the time I’m getting off work is around the time I would be going in to school.”


Bos said she is not actually processing the fish but is learning about the protocol processing plants go through to acquire the catch, like permits, filling out fish tickets, the buying process and forms for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


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