80 Sockeye Taken, Not Recorded

Posted: July 1, 2013 at 10:31 am

Alaska Wildlife Troopers have been issuing numerous citations for personal use fishery violations recently. One of the more severe was to 46-year-old Wasilla resident Vladimir Pilipaka.


Pilipaka was cited last Wednesday for possessing 80 sockeye salmon from the Kasilof River, without recording any on his Personal Use license.
Pilipaka was issued a citation for Failure to Record Salmon on his Personal Use Permit, with bail set at $110.00

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6 Comments to “80 Sockeye Taken, Not Recorded”

  • Cheap says:

    $1.38 a fish or less than 20 cents a pound. Take the fish and fine them $5.00 a pound, ban from personal use for 5 years.

  • Jeff says:

    Boy a $110.00 bail set for 80 fish not recorded? Citations for this all too common violation are way too cheap! (need stiffer fines and taking away permits) You know why they are not recording the fish so they can come back again and get more. Then you see adds just before the season starts again for give-away frezzer burned salmon!! Take only what you need or everyone will lose out in the end with no salmon at all!!

  • Bill and Samon Arnold says:

    Judge should mandate 80 days jail time (and no good time) for 80 sockeye plus a stiff fine.

  • Jeanne says:

    Why would he even care? lol He’ll just pay the fine if he gets caught and keep whatever he feels like. At minimum he should have his license revoked for a few years

  • Samantha says:

    Are you serious? 110$ fine? Wow I’ve got a speeding ticket that cost 300$.. Something is wrong right here!! Imagine how many times he and other do this every year.. Slap on wrists an they do it again the next day! We need to start giving fines out the ass, jail time, and revoking license!! Get it together!

  • Steve says:

    7/9/13 A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words
    Everyone now has a digital camera either in their Smart Phone or Cell Phone. Cameras are literately everywhere. You witness someone abusing OUR Fishery & OUR Beach TAKE A PICTURE then share that photo with the POLICE.Photo of Their Face & License Plate No He Said She Said PHYSICAL PROOF that a Crime has been commited. OR continue to Do Nothing except complain & this will continue on & on & on somemore. SPW