7,000+ Signatures For Alaskan Secession

More than 7,000 people have so far added their signatures to a petition for Alaska to secede from the union. All 50 states have sent petitions to the White House, but only those with 25,000 signatures by December 11, 2012, will be counted as valid.


We spoke with one man in favor of the move, Norm Olson…


Olson: “Well, let’s consider that there are 22 states right now that are floating these petitions. Let’s say that those 22 states could form their own confederation, that those states could coin their own currency. Those states, forming that confederation of solidarity, call it whatever you want, could be able to give favorable trade status between other confederations states. You’d have 22 states that would come together and the economic power of those 22 states would cripple the monster that the federal central government has become.”


Olsen said secession ultimately depends on the national currency. He said it’s unlikely anything will happen until the collapse of the federal economy makes it necessary for states to stand on their own.


To view the petitions, click here: Allow Alaska to Secede from a Dysfunctional Union or here: Allow Alaska to Hold an Election on Secession.

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