7 Bill Pass Senate With Unanimous Votes

Posted: March 31, 2014 at 7:02 am

7 bills passed the State Senate on Friday, with with unanimous votes.


Most of the bills are yet to pass a House vote, but one bill for disability education has been passed by both bodies. HB 211 would better establish communication between school districts and the Mental Health Trust.


Other bills which passed:


SB 108, strengthening the confidentiality of court records when the accused is cleared of charges.

SB 170, which excuses prostitutes from criminal charges if they can prove they were a victim of trafficking.

SB 173, prohibiting the offer, display, marketing, advertising for sale, or sale of illicit synthetic drugs. One of the sponsors, Senator Berta Gardner said she had one caution with the bill…



SB 175, making the official state bolt-action rifle the Winchester pre-1964 Model 70.

SB 183, setting a termination date for the emerging energy technology fund and grant program.

SCR 20, making this April Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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2 Comments to “7 Bill Pass Senate With Unanimous Votes”

  • me says:

    really important stuff there, wish they would quit wasting time & money on this stuff
    move the capital

  • fred says:

    SB 108 should never be enacted, all records of court proceedings should be open and freely available public records.

    Just because an accused criminal beats the charges doesn’t mean the records of the proceedings should be erased.