6AM Iditarod Update

Three more Iditarod scratches over the weekend, making for a total of 16. Currently in first place is Jeff King, followed by Aliy Zirkle and Dallas Seavey.


For Peninsula mushers:

Mitch Seavey: 5th

Danny Seavey: 44th

Paul Gebhart: 29th

Kristy Berington: 38th

Anna Berington: 40th

Monica Zappa: 51st

Travis Beals: 39th


The weekend scratches include:


Ramey Smyth scratched in Ruby at 1:50pm Friday, due to an illness in his team and concern for his dogs.


John Dixon scratched in Ophir at 5:52pm Friday, out of concern for his dogs and their performance.


Nicholas Petit scratched just out of Unalakleet at 6:45pm Saturday, saying his team is fatigued and it’s best to “call it a race” and try again next year.


The record for most scratches was set in 1980 and again in 2007, when there were 24.


The other 13 scratches include (9 veterans):


13th to scratch: Lev Shvarts: 9pm Wednesday; his sled was damaged while traveling between Rohn and Nikolai.


12th to scratch: Ellen Halverson (veteran): 1am Wednesday in Rohn; due to “a severely damaged sled and out of an abundance of caution due to the experiences of the teams ahead.”


11th to scratch: Cindy Abbot: 7pm Tuesday in Rohn; due to a shoulder injury, resulting in concern she couldn’t safely drive her dog team.


10th to scratch: Karen Ramstead: 6:40pm Tuesday in Rohn; withdrawn due to an injury deemed to significant to allow safe continuation in the race.


9th to scratch: The Mushing Mortician, Scott Janssen (veteran): 6pm Tuesday between Rohn and Nikolai; transported to Anchorage by the Alaska Air National Guard after “severely injuring” his leg. Janssen had stopped to regain control of a loose dog.


8th to scratch: Jan Stevens (veteran): 3:50pm Tuesday in Rainy Pass; Stevens said she was scratching because of “concern for the welfare of her team.”


7th to scratch: Jake Berkowitz (veteran): 1pm Tuesday between Rohn and Nikolai; due to a sled damaged beyond repair.


6th to scratch: Gus Guenther (veteran): 11:30am in Rohn; due to an injured ankle.


5th to scratch: Mike Santos (veteran): 10:30am Tuesday in Rohn; for personal reasons.


4th to scratch: Jim Lanier (veteran): 10:30am Tuesday in Rainy Pass; due to an injured leg.


3rd to scratch: Linwood Fiedler (veteran): 6:20am Tuesday in Rohn; due to “physical injury from driving the Dalzell Gorge passage.”


2nd to scratch: DeeDee Jonrowe (veteran): 6am Tuesday in Rohn; because she was “beat up physically in the Dalzell Gorge.”


1st to scratch: Cindy Gallea: 12:30pm Monday in Skwentna; due to musher illness.




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