Commercial Fishermen Extended Tonight

Commercial fishermen have been calling the ADF&G local office all morning, pleaded for an extension to today’s regularly scheduled opening. Pat Shields with the ADF&G Commercial Fisheries said the fish are coming in thick and fast…


Shields: “They’re having very good catches out there, you know, a lot of sockeye salmon, and also coho salmon and chum salmon  but they’re having a good day in the drift fleet. On the beaches, the east side beaches here in Cook Inlet, also having a very, a good day catching sockeye salmon. Kasilof River escapement for sockeye salmon is building as we talk, which is kind of unfortunate, because we have more fish in the river than we really would like to have right now, but a lot of fish have went into the Kasilof sockeye, and Kenai is beginning to build also. And it’s at the point of time when you would expect that to occur. It’s not as alarming, though, as the Kasilof.”


And this was the commercial fisheries message recorded at 3:15pm this afternoon…


Shields: “Emergency Order Number 10 extends set gillnetting in the Kenai, Kasilof, and East Forelands sections of the Upper Subdistrict from 7pm to 11pm on Monday, July 15th. Drift gillnetting will be open in the Expanded Kenai and Expanded Kasilof sections of the Upper Subdistrict from 7pm until 11pm on Monday, July 15th. For all other areas and gear types, today’s regular period will end at 7pm as scheduled, except for set gillnetting in the Western Subdistrict, south of Redoubt Point, which ends at 10pm.” 


To get the latest updates, call the commercial fisheries information line on 262-9611.


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