6-Year-Old in Anchorage ICU After Swimming Accident

A 6-year-old Kenai boy is in the Children’s Hospital in Anchorage after a swimming accident Friday night in a hotel pool.


Floyd Murphy, a Kindergarten student at Kaleidoscope, underwent “aggressive CPR for about 15 minutes,” according to an online page set up to support the family. During CPR, Floyd aspirated mucus into his lungs, which has caused ongoing complications. His brain was deprived of oxygen for approximately 20 minutes.


Floyd has suffered seizures and some brain damage as a result of the oxygen deprivation. The family says he’s made some progress, but isn’t out of the woods yet. Floyd is able to take some breaths on his own, though he’s still sedated and on a ventilator.


Kaleidoscope is providing meals for the family this week, though additional volunteers may be needed, depending on how long the family stays in Anchorage.



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