5th Annual Phat To Fit Comes To A Close

After weeks of strenuous workout activities and challenges, the Phat To Fit challenge 2013 has come to a close.


We spoke with Joy Dysert who won the two mile race tonight.


Dysert: “Our first run, the mile run I thought I was going to die so other than walking it off afterwards felt pretty good I kept a nice pace going I ran the whole way and stayed strong and pushed when I could and kept that whole pace all the way through.”


Sheila Siemion from the 106.9 FM Red Team won first place for the overall Phat To Fit Challenge and landed herself $1000 cash.


We asked Sheila how she felt about her win.


Sheila: “It feels fabulous I’m like¬†ecstatic, I’m speechless. That first kickball game I hurt my calf and I thought.. I don’t know if I can do this, and every week I just kept saying that’s one challenge down, one challenge down.”


Many of the other runners up will be posted next week.

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