Fishing Lodges Face Changes with Chinook Downturn

Angler Drive has been spared a mixed-use classification in the Kenai Comprehensive Plan, thanks to the advocacy of resident Greg Andersen. Now the avenue, which is home to multiple fishing lodges, faces another threat…


Andersen: “The traffic’s just not there. The economy down in the Lower 48 dictates a lot of who’s going to come up here and go fishing. Well, you look at the economy, you look at what our fishery’s doing, people don’t want to spend all that money to come up here to possibly not even fish for Kings, only be able to go get one halibut, there’s a lot of things associated with it.”


Andersen said some lodges have had to change the way they do business…


Andersen: “Some of the places that have nightly rentals, they’re just going to year-round rentals, because it’s too hard to have people in there for nine months, kick them out and then try and get the quick turnover and make more money over a three-month period. The river’s not doing that any more.”


Andersen said the busy season on Angler Drive used to last from late May until early September, but now the traffic’s only there for about a month.

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