CEO of REI Nominated as Secretary of Interior

President Obama today announced he will nominate Sally Jewell as the next Secretary of the Interior Department. Currently, Jewell is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI).


Both Alaska’s U.S. Senators have noted that the Department of the Interior has enormous influence in our state, given how much of Alaska is under federal control.


U.S. Senator Mark Begich said he thinks “there is more we need to learn about Sally Jewell and what this decision means for Alaska.” He said he is looking forward to meeting Ms. Jewell and continuing his efforts to push the federal government to understand the unique needs of Alaska.


Senator Lisa Murkowski added that since “so many of the decisions made by the Interior Secretary have a profound impact on Alaska, and other Western states, the livelihoods of Americans living and working in the West rely on maintaining a real balance between conservation and economic opportunity.”


Sen. Murkowski said she also wants to learn more about Jewell’s qualifications, and how she plans to restore “balance” to the Interior Department.

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