4th Soldotna Schools Meeting To Debate Names

The Soldotna Schools Realignment Committee is just over half way through their series of six meetings.


At the previous meeting, committee members agreed on the idea of combining the current Soldotna High and Middle school colors to present a unified blue and purple front for all schools, with white and black accents.


However, Pegge Erkeneff with the schools district said they still have some big questions to answer…


Erkeneff: “I think tonight what we noticed the consensus hasn’t been reached on is what is the name for the 10-12 grade high school going to be. They got really clear with colors and mascots and names for both the 7-9 and the 9th grade but we will be working on that on the next meeting, what’s the name for the 10-12 grade going to be.”


Two more meetings will be held: November 5, and November 19. The committee will then present their ideas to the School Board for an official decision.

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