Nikiski Works on New Community Action Plan

The  Nikiski Community Council met publicly last Saturday to discuss a new Community Action Plan. The previous plan, penned in 2001, listed top concerns as: road service/maintenance, abandoned vehicles  crime and drugs, trash, activities for young people, police protection, chemical pollution, an undeserved reputation, lack of business and lack of basic services.


Ray Tauriainen, Kenai Peninsula Borough Assemblyman for the Northern Peninsula, said the community still wants to address some of the same challenges.


Tauriainen: “Well, they wanted to utilize what we already had in the community, different service areas, the Rec Center and the schools. They also wanted to improve the community image by cleaning up the eyesores in the community. And there was also a concern about police protection, how we could get a greater presence of police protection. We’re reliant on the Troopers and they’re a long ways away. Is there any way that they could have Troopers stationed out north somewhere? And the other thing was a starting point would be to to have a safety officer in the High School.”


The community has already been receiving some grants to help with beautification and the removal of junk vehicles, including $100,000 from the 2012 legislature.


The Council will continue to work on the action plan, which should be finished for their next meeting on December 3rd.

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