31 Mushers Sign Up For Iditarod

31 mushers threw their names into the hat for the 42nd Iditarod during last Saturday’s official opening. Another 21 entered by mail, with a total of 11 rookies.


Local champion Mitch Seavey is once again on the list, with son Dallas also included. We spoke to Mitch about his winning strategy in 2012…


Seavey: “There’s a lot of quirks and a lot of things you can train your dogs to do or not do or whatever, and I just decided if it wasn’t going to help me get to know them faster, I wasn’t going to worry about it. It created a lot less regiment, a lot less strict environment, and I think the dogs thrived in it. I thrived in it.”


Other champions returning include: Jeff King, Martin Buser and Norwegian Robert Sorlie.


Mushers still have until November 29 to raise the $3,000 entry fee and submit their registration. Organizers expect a total of around 70.


Peninsula mushers who entered last week include:


Mitch Seavey of Sterling

Travis Beals of Seward

Gustave Guenther of Clam Gulch

Paul Gebardt of Kasilof

Monica Zappa of Kasilof – Rookie


The race will kick off March 1 in downtown Anchorage.

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