30K In a Day Recipient Passes Away

On February 8 community members came together in an effort to raise the funds needed to send September Klumb to Mexico for cancer treatment however, she passed away due to her illness Sunday, March 9.


The 30K in a Day organizer, Katherine Covey, told us after Klumb was sent to the International Bio Care Cancer Center in Tijuana, Mexico for treatment, complications caused her to decide to return home.


Covey: “There’s so many elements to it and they had to build her up before they could do more treatments on her, more extensive treatments. And she wasn’t able to be built up to that point for like hyperbaric and all different other treatments that other people received. So she started having complications from her cancer that were just causing her excruciating pain.”


Covey said the 30K in a Day along with a separate fundraiser put on by Fred Meyers, where Klumb worked, raised almost $40,000. She also said that some of the funds left over are going to another local cancer patient.


Covey: “And we’re paying forward a little bit. There were some items left over from auctions that we’re going to pay forward for somebody else that is wanting to go to go to Bio Care and needing it really bad. So there’s a little pay forward there too from her that the family wish that we do.” 


Covey also thanked all of the community members who came out to support Klumb and her family. Memorial services have yet to be announced.

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