2nd Amendment Rally Focused on ‘Nullification’

One guest speaker estimated around 400 people turned out to last night’s 2nd Amendment Freedom Rally, where they heard a little about guns, and a lot about ‘nullification.’


Guest speaker, author Thomas Woods, explained the concept dates back to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and insisted it’s a legal way for states to overrule the federal government when laws are deemed ‘unconstitutional.’


During public comment there was some debate over the Supremacy Clause, and organizer Bob Bird responded that asking the federal government to decide the limit of federal powers is like holding the World Series in Yankee Stadium with ex-Yankees as referees.


The underlying message of the evening was that the people of the Unites States have a responsibility to know the Constitution and the history of its purpose. Guest speaker Justin Giles represented Oath Keepers and said the message was…


Giles: “To stand firm. Like I brought up the Reagan analogy when I was speaking, I want them to stand firm. I want them to know who they are, they vastly outnumber these people that would like to have them disarmed, they’re peaceful law-abiding citizens, but they need to know that at the same time, their founding fathers have got their back. They’re very strong, strong enough to stop what they’re afraid of happening.”


Suggestions for short term action included: obtaining ‘gun friendly community signage’ by petitioning the Borough Assembly, asking the School Board to permit possession of weapons for administrators and faculty, finding out if KPC is a state entity and thus not allowed to restrict the possession of firearms on campus, and support House Bills 69 and 83.


Long term actions included: petitioning Rep. Don Young to cut funding for unconstitutional federal measures, educate the public, support Oath Keepers, and amending the Alaska Constitution to change boroughs into counties.


Other guest speakers included Seymour Mills of Sterling, who spoke about his four decades of petitioning the government on federal overreach, and Wayne Anthony Ross who called for more national attention on the many Americans standing against gun control.

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