28th Annual Sport, Rec, and Trade Show Draws in Crowds

This weekend, the Kenai Peninsula Association of Realtors sponsored the 28th Annual Sport, Rec, and Trade Show at the Soldotna Sports Center. We spoke to Dale Bagley, President-elect of the Realtors Association about the crowds at the show…


Balgley: “Oh, it’s been the normal mix. This time of the year, it’s kind of like the rights of passage for Spring, you come out to the Home Show, you come to the  Sport, Rec, Trade Show, you get to see all the people you haven’t seen all winter, so it’s the usual people you see every year at these shows.”


One new aspect this year was a Car Show on Sunday


Bagley: “We have a car show that’s happening this Sunday which I think will grow next year,  it’s the first year we’ve tried to do it, and there’s some pretty cool looking cars out there, that’s something new that we’ve added, so that’s kind of neat.”

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