25,405 Alaskans Possibly Registered to Vote in Two States

A cross-reference of state voting records has revealed up to 25,405 Alaskans may also be registered to vote in another state. It’s suspected 14 may have voted in two states in the 2012 general election.


Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell said his office is taking the possibility of voter fraud very seriously. He said: “In Alaska, we’re committed to ensuring our elections are free, fair, and secure. That means we make sure all Alaskans can vote easily – but only in one state.”


In the investigation, 11,472 records listed a current voter registration date outside of Alaska. These voters were sent notices, asking them to confirm the match and cancel their registration in Alaska.


For the 14 possible cases of double-voting, the AK Division of Elections will take further action once it had received a more detailed history on the voters. At this stage, it’s not know if the individuals did vote twice, or if there’s an error in the records.


The names of any voters who are found to have voted twice will then be turned over to the Department of Law for prosecution.

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