2013 Dividend is $900, Checks Expected to Grow in 2014

The 2013 PFD will be: $900.



Acting Revenue Commissioner Angela Rodell made the announcement a little after 11am today in Anchorage…





Rodell: “So, without further ado, I will announce the 2013 Permanent Fund Dividend… and the amount this year is $900.”


PFD Operations Manager Dan DeBartolo said he was surprised by the number…


DeBartolo: “I know when I first looked at it, I was like, ‘Wow, I think that’s the most even Dividend we’ve ever had.'”


At $900, the check will be bigger than the $878 from 2012, but it’s still the tenth lowest in the Fund’s 32-year history.


Rodell said PFDs are expected to rise steeply after this year…


Rodell: “The end of Fiscal Year 2012, they had a fund balance of $40 billion, and on June 30th, 2013, we had a balance of $45 billion, so that’s a huge increase in one year and bodes well for the future of this program.”


The record-breaking low results of 2009 will also be eliminated from calculations next year.


There were 670,865 applications this year, 7,000 less than last year. Rodell said they estimate 640,436 applications will be approved.


She speculated that fewer people applied this year because there was a smaller dividend amount predicted, as well as an increased response to PFD fraud in recent years.


Fun facts about the 2013 PFD:


If you’ve received a PFD every year since the program began in 1980, you’ve received a total of $36,343 (including the 2008 Alaska Resource Rebate)


The lowest dividend was just $331.29 in 1984. The highest was $2,069 in 2008 (plus the $1,200 Rebate).


The average PFD is $1,098.


The oldest applicant this year was 108, and the youngest was born just one minute before the deadline at 11:59pm on December 31, 2012


The Pick. Click. Give program saw 41,000 donations this year, for a total close to $2.5 million for more than 400 charities


For more about this year’s exact calculations, visit the PFD website.


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