2013 Commercial Salmon Outlook Outlines Slow Down Options

As we reported, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game released the 2013 Commercial Fisheries Outlook late last week. During our conversation with Pat Shields, a Commercial fisheries biologist with the Soldotna Office of Fish and Game said that the outlook addressed management options for the upcoming setnet season…


 Shields: The document talks about, if we end up thinking that we’re not going to be at that goal, what are the actions we would take in that commercial fishery, how would we slow it down, if we need to, to make that king salmon goal. Then it talks about what actions that we could take with Sockeye Salmon, how many hours we’re allowed to fish the fisheries, to keep the Sockeye Salmon running to hit the escapement goal. Its a strategy document aimed at a commercial fishing audience.”

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