2012 Brought Quality of Life Upgrades to City of Kenai

With the new year upon us, we spoke to Kenai Mayor Pat Porter about some of the highlights from the past year for the City of Kenai. Porter said that quality of life improviment was a major portion of 2012


Mayor Porter: “2012 for the City of Kenai was actually excellent.  I think for our residents, as I look at the past projects we had this past year, which has improved defiantly their quality of life and making someone want to live in Kenai, and not have an excuse not to. I think probably the biggest thing we did was to improve our water. It took $5 million to do that, and the city working very hard, the city administration, but we certainly have our new water treatment facility up to speed. Our toilets are now clean, we can drink water that tastes better and looks better, that was probably the number one thing that I can think of that we can all reflect on that was real positive.”

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