2012 Average Year for Sockeye Harvest

The 2012 Upper Cook Inlet Sockeye Forecast data was released late last week by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. During our conversation last week with Commercial Fisheries Biologist Pat Shields, we asked how this year compares to previous years…


Shields: “Yeah, the 2012 season, I would say the number we harvested and the number that came back total was an average run for the Cook Inlet. The numbers are a little bit different than people who have been here a long time would remember, because we also changed our sonar a few years ago, from a bendix-based to a didson, and the didson actually sees more targets. We reflected all of our total return numbers, all of our escapement numbers, are all didson based and those are a little bit higher than people would remember from the past. So when we talk about a total run to Cook Inlet of 6 to 6.5 million sockeye salmon, that’s just about an average run for the historical database for sockeye salmon.”

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