182 Copies of Nikiski Monofil Letter Only Counted Once: DEC

As the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is awaits legal review on the AIMM Technologies monofill permit, reviewers are preparing to release their responses to public comment. Nate Emery with the DEC said that during the public comment period, over 200 submissions were received, but 182 were copies of the same form letter; however…


Emery: “Each of those comments listed in the form letter were recorded one time. So, we made note that 182 people submitted that form letter, but really the first time that form letter was submitted, that comment got into our record, and that’s really all the further it went. The volume of comments does not play a factor into our decision-making, either.”


Emery said the DEC is bound by the permit stipulations, and if a company meets those stipulations, the Department cannot deny a permit…


Emery: “The public notice period is an opportunity for the public to come forward with materials that the permit applicant didn’t provide. And so we did have some of that involved in the comments, but we did investigate each one and researched it further, and we believe we effectively addressed each of those in our decision-making.”


Emery said a full report on all the comments and the DEC’s responses will be presented to everyone who participated in the process.

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