17-Year-Old Raising $13,000 for Fire Fighter Training

It started as a project for a senior government class, but 17-year-old Jessica Roper’s idea has turned into much more…


Roper: “I’ve been involved with the fire department in Soldotna for two and a half years, where I was an explorer, so I just kind of rode along and hung out there for a while, so when I had to find a way to benefit the community, I thought there was no other thing, other than finding a way to benefit the fire department.”


Roper, a student at KCHS, is now raising $13,000 for swiftwater training for CES, and has plans to become a paramedic.


Roper: “So I went in there one day and I was asking them what they needed, and what I could help do for them to benefit the rest of the community, since they pretty much serve us and our needs.”


A major spaghetti feed fundraiser will be held this Saturday at the Kenai Visitor’s and Cultural Center this Saturday from 1pm-4pm. CES, Kenai, and Nikiski Fire Department personnel will be in attendance.


Roper will be a guest on the Tall, Dark, and Handsome Show from 4-6pm this evening, with local Fire Department personnel.



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