140 Students Participate in Kenai Job Shadow

Today, Kenai Central High School students took part in the annual Job Shadow program. School Principal Alan Fields told us 140 juniors were released into the working world…


Fields: “It’s a partnership with the Kenai Chamber of Commerce we’ve had for 18 to 20 years now and the idea is that students spend time this last quarter researching a career field that they are interested in and they research what it takes to go to school and get the degree necessary, what kind of trainings are required, and then we work with the Chamber to get them a placement that mirrors that career field as close as possible. Not all career fields are available here on the Peninsula, but we try to mirror it as close as possible.”


Fields said the program has a long-reaching impact on students, helping them decide if they want to pursue the career they’re considering…


Fields: “We’ve either saved a kid a ton of money and time, from pursuing a career that they’re not interested in, or we’ve had the other extreme, where it turns into a work/study program or an internship.”


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