11am Fishing Update: Winds Likely to Beach Sockeye

Set netting and drifting in the Kasilof River Special Harvest Area was extended today, and Management Biologist Pat Shields says fishing is likely for East Side Set Netters either tomorrow or Thursday…


Shields: “Good Morning, this is the Upper Cook Inlet Commercial Fishing Information Line. This message was updated on Tuesday, July 22nd at 11am. Emergency Order number 31, which was issued yesterday, opened drift gill netting in the Expanded Kenai, Expanded Kasilof and Anchor Point sections today, July 22nd, from 7am until 7pm.

The following are two new emergency orders: Emergency Order 32 extends set gill netting int he Kasilof River Special Harvest Area from 1pm today,July 22nd, until 3pm tomorrow, Wednesday, July 23rd. 

Drift gill netting will be extended in the Kasilof River Special Harvest Area from 1pm until 11pm today,July 22nd, and from 5am until 3pm tomorrow, Wednesday July 23rd. 

Emergency Order number 33 opens drift gill netting in the Expanded Kenai, Expanded Kasilof, and Anchor Point sections from 7am to 7pm on Wednesday, July 23rd, and from 7am to 7pm on Thursday, July 24th.

East Side Set Netters, we continue to monitor area beaches. Fishing on Wednesday or Thursday is likely. As many of you know, today and tonight’s marine forecast is for south to southwest winds up to 25 knots and seas up to 8 feet. These kind of winds can move fish to the beaches. We will be watching.

Sockeye salmon escapement data for yesterday, July 21 in the Kasilof River: 17,000 for a season total of 349,000. From midnight to 7am, the count was 2,100. In the Kenai River, yesterday’s estimate was 64,000 for a season total of 494,000. From midnight to 7am, the estimate has been 16,000. The Anchor Point test boat had a daily index on July 21 of 76. The north test boat had a daily index on July 21 of 87, and today after fishing three of eight stations, the index is 56.”

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  1. Bud 22 July, 2014, 11:55

    Shut down the set netters. They are destroying the sport fishing in this area.

    The Kenai Sockeye counts are way off…………….there are very few Sockeye in the Kenai.

  2. kelsey 22 July, 2014, 12:20

    Are you kidding me Bud. You have no idea what you are talking about. You need to get your facts right before you start spreading lies. Destroying the sport fishing? Now That’s a joke.

  3. Alaskan Girl 22 July, 2014, 12:49

    How are the set netters destroying anything considering the only fishing being done is by sports fisherman? If one is going to be shut down it should be the one destroying our beaches and catching fish when they probably can’t even tell a king from any other fish.

  4. mike 22 July, 2014, 13:20

    Hey Bud. No fish in the river, you say? Sports fishing destroyed?

    64,000 fish yesterday is ‘no fish in the river’ ?

    Half a million fish in the river so far, and you can’t catch a fish? You must be the worlds worst fisherman. You’re one of the worlds worst at making stuff up.

    The counts are off, you say? There are ‘very few’ sockeye in the Kenai? Whooo boy.

    Was that supposed to the the best you’ve got?

    I’d suggest you getting a new hobby.

    This one has you hysterically making stuff up, and it’s likely, just from sampling from your hysterical wailing, that at the very least, other fishermen probably shun your company when you’re holding forth. (i’m expecting those other fishermen are off catching fish while you’re typing up your make believe)

    Maybe bowling, …..what do you say, ….. Bud? Think the pin setters are corrupted?

  5. Lynn 22 July, 2014, 14:10

    Bud, thanks for the laugh! Eastside setnetters are the ones who’s livelihoods (not sport) is being ruined and has been the last few years! So it is obvious that they are not the ones “destroying” the fish counts. They had what, 1 maybe 2 openers this summer! Yeah, they’re killin em’ alright!

  6. jessica 22 July, 2014, 17:51

    I’m confused about the ‘only people fishing are sport fishermen’ comment. I’m noticing a fleet of commercial fishermen drifting…every single day?
    Meanwhile does anyone have any valid answer to this: of the sockeye fish caught..annually…what ratio is caught by each respective user groups (set net, sport, subsistence/dipping, drifting) in the Kenai River Watershed? I honestly don’t know. The other valid question is what is the standard ratio for caught/not caught fish of the total population. .Generally (for the reds)?

  7. Valley 22 July, 2014, 18:29

    Bud – I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous. Thanks for the chuckle though.

  8. Dollie 22 July, 2014, 19:36

    Bud, You say the set netters are destroying the sockeye counts. They haven’t been allowed out everyday like the drift fleet. If anyone is messing with the counts it would be them. They have been out at least 5 days a week and sometimes more.

  9. Jake 22 July, 2014, 20:37

    Jessica we have to account for every fish we catch and every pound of every individual fish we catch. It goes on a fish ticket wich is then sent to the alaska fish and game and we also get a copy , we have to and we do report everything we catch , but besides that we are legally allowed to catch all species of salmon and the reds pay the most but we can keep and sell any salmon and all salmon we catch as long as it was caught with in the legal boundaries . So once again you are misinformed and have no valid argument .

  10. diane 22 July, 2014, 21:33

    The setnetters are the longest existing fishery on the kenai peninsula. They have been fishing these waters for generations. They respect the resource and want it to continue for many more generations. The setnetters believe in fish management for the future of the salmon. They listen to the biology to sustain a healthy river. The sockeye salmon were abundant for many decades. It wasn’t until recently that they becsme endangered. The only thing that changed was the extreme increase in sport fisherman. The low sockeye return is because the sport fisherman have wiped them out. Sport fisherman are blaming the setnetters for a problem they created and they are getting away with it because they are buying the politicians and the board of fish. They are also filling people who don’t understand the history or the nature of salmon with lies.

  11. Sharob 23 July, 2014, 02:59

    Over 2 million fish caught by commercial 3200 are kings

  12. Bud 23 July, 2014, 06:38

    Right on Sharob……………the set netters are destroying a resource that belongs to all of us. They have slaughtered the Kings this year!

    Shut down the setnetters!!!

  13. diane 23 July, 2014, 07:40

    In 1976 limited entry was established. The amount of setnetters has not changed since then. The king salmon runs were extremely healthy and abundant in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. The extreme increase in sport fisherman is what has changed and now the king salmon are in trouble, so it is a sport fisherman induced problem not a commercial fisherman problem. The commercial fisherman used to fish from May – October. The salmon runs were healthy and fine as the fishery was managed on a biological basis. As sport fishing increased, sport fisherman hollered that they needed more fish in the rivers. The commercial fishing time has dramatically decreased in the past 25 years. Now commercial fisheman get a week or two at the end of June, July, and the first week of August. During this season they are very restricted in time and the areas they can fish. The results prove that as commercial fishing has decreased and sport fishing has increased that the salmon, especially the kings, are not as healthy and abundant as they used to be. The spot fisherman created this problem and instead of taking ownership, they are blaming commercial fisherman. Maube all the sport fisherman should educate themselves in the history and listen to the true bioligists to ensure the future of the kasilof and kenai rivers. Instead they choose to ignore the facts, use big money to buy the politicians and board of fish, and they scream in selfishness that they want more.

  14. Daz 24 July, 2014, 11:14

    I think the point that Bud is trying to make is that this years numbers are way down compared to the last 4 years worth of data. The cumulative total at this point historically is usually well above 900K fish. The “facts” indicate that this year is an anomaly and it undeniably affects sport fishing. There has only been one day this season when the daily count was decent and that is the 63K fish day on 21st. Of course it is still possible to catch fish on slower days but access/ space is very limited as people are not catching their limits and getting out of the river.

  15. Katco 24 July, 2014, 22:52

    Fish numbers fluctuate and always have. Namely reds being the most noticeable and roughly 5 yr cycles. Roughly. This is still a very good run of reds and the closure has nothing to do with them. Kings are not fluctuating normally and sonar counters have been in question for some time as well as the size of kings dropping over the last 20 yrs. That’s not a commercial issue. So daz & bud, your points are both null. Next.

    Props Diane and Valley! :)

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