11 Charges for Man Who Stole Kenai Truck and Crashed at JBER

Posted: August 8, 2013 at 12:17 pm

The Anchorage Police have charged the man involved in yesterday’s eluding incident, which ended after he crashed a truck that was stolen from Kenai into a fence on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage.


Anita Shell with the Anchorage PD said that 28-year-old Matthew Isaac Stough of Anchorage, was charged with reckless driving, tampering with or damaging a vehicle for attempting to obtain entry into two RV’s, failure to stop at the direction of an officer or eluding, reckless endangerment, assault in the 3rd degree for assault on an officer, resisting arrest  as he’d resisted arrest by JBER Detective, criminal mischief in the 3rd for damage to JBER fence, misconduct involving a weapon in the 3rd degree as Stough was s felon in possession of handgun found in vehicle, criminal mischief in the 4th degree for shattering out citizen’s vehicle window, 2nd degree theft for theft of credit cards from a citizen’s vehicle, theft in the 3rd for stealing cash from a citizen’s vehicle, vehicle theft in the 1st degree.

Shell said that Stough also had two outstanding Contempt of Court warrants for criminal mischief in the 4th and 2nd degree theft, Stough was subsequently taken to the Anchorage Jail without bail.


Prior to being taken to the Anchorage Jail, Stough was treated for injuries he sustained to his back, most likely caused when he crawled under a chain link fence while running away from authorities.


Additionally, Stough’s passenger, 30-year-old Sarah Lorraine Urdahl of Ninilchik, was charged with criminal mischief in the 5th for riding in a stolen vehicle.

She, too, was taken to the Anchorage Jail with bail set at $1000.



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2 Comments to “11 Charges for Man Who Stole Kenai Truck and Crashed at JBER”

  • Northernshrike says:

    Kenai court let this one off with a slap on the hand many times in the past.He is one of the peninsula trash that has been in truoble his whole life.Lock him up for good or he will be right back stealing your truck and wallet.

  • Jeanne says:

    Search the court database for him in a month or two, he’ll probably be out again. They usually end up dismissing most of the charges in order to get them to plead to some smaller charge. Ridiculous!